About Us

The Facebook Professionals.

LikeChimp is ran by Facebook marketing experts who specialise in social networking. Our small team of Facebook professionals aim to deliver the most organic Facebook services – allowing you to buy Facebook Likes, Fans, Followers and Event Attendees. We have worked in the social media industry since 2010 and have grown to be one of the most established and trusted Facebook providers on the internet today!


Confidentiality has always been strict company policy for us. We never name drop who are clients and customers are, nor will we ever share your details. We encrypt all information received from orders on our secure server, making it impossible for anyone to access other than us. Customer confidentiality is key in this game and we pride ourselves on keeping your order information safe.

Big Names.

We never reveal who our valued customers are, however, we can confirm we provide Facebook Likes, Followers, Fans and Event Attendees to big names in the fashion, music and media industries. This is due to our professional nature, reliable services and great customer support, helping us provide Facebook marketing services to some of the most respected celebrities and companies around the globe today.

How It All Works.

Without giving too much away, we are fortunate enough to have built up valuable contacts in the web and digital media industries. These key industries have allowed us to establish a very large network of high-traffic websites including blogs, forums and big name sites that rank in the Alexa top 5,000. These marketing platforms or ‘channels’ allow us to deliver organic Facebook Likes, Fans, Followers and Event Attendees to customers around the world!


Our team of Facebook professionals are trained and qualified within digital marketing through many valuable years of experience. Most of the LikeChimp team have been with us from day one and have built up a strong portfolio of customers and successful marketing campaigns that have achieved phenomenal results. Delivering genuine Facebook Likes, Followers, Fans and Facebook Event Attendees is no easy task, but our in-house experts collectively have decades of online marketing experience, and we are more than happy to share it with you!

Our Facebook Goal.

The number one goal is to help our customers gain the recognition and social presence on Facebook they deserve. We understand that not everyone is a Facebook marketing genius or holds the all the keys to making content go viral. This is why we came up with the idea of LikeChimp – To provide businesses and individuals from around the world the ability to buy Facebook Likes, Fans, Followers and Event Attendees.