Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees


  • Amount: 250 Event Attendees
  • Quality: Always organic methods.
  • Target Countries: Worldwide (Mixture)
  • Completion Time: 24 Hours
  • Support: Award-winning support 24/7


Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees

Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees to respond by clicking Going on your Facebook Event. This is great tool that is proven to help nightclubs, promoters and festivals sell more tickets and achieve more people at their event. If you are aiming for a sell out event or just want to get people talking, then this is the product for you! For a full selection of our Facebook Event Attendee packages, please click here.

  • Improve event exposure!
  • No-Drop guarantee!
  • Boost ticket sales!
  • We simulate a natural growth rate!
  • No one will know or suspect a thing!

With the help of our packages, you will be able to adopt strategies that will help you improve your Facebook event visibility.

Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees

LikeChimp Event Statistics

You should see a climb in ticket sales by 12% for every 100 Event Attendees purchased. This research was carried out by our market research team in early 2017. We discovered that buying Facebook Event Attendees is a sure and proven way to boost ticket sales and improve attendance rates for your event. With LikeChimps help, we can help make your event bigger, better and more desirable all through the power of Facebook!


Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees

Buy Targeted Facebook Event Attendees

The Facebook Event Attendees we provide can be from countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Russia
  • Asia (Eastern and Southern)
  • Australia
  • Worldwide (Mixture)

You choose the target country! Due to the vast network we have built up, the American, Canadian, English, Russian, Asian, Australian and Worldwide Facebook Event Attendees that you can buy, means we are one of the largest and most trustworthy Facebook providers on the internet today!

Buy 250 Facebook Event Attendees

Am I Breaking Any Rules?

The answer is no. As a Facebook user and customer of LikeChimp, your are not breaking any rules, laws, polices relating to Facebooks Terms of Service. LikeChimp strictly comply with these Terms of Service. No rules are broken at any point because we supply event attendees using only organic methods:

  • Organic: Facebook users, that are registered in Alexa 500 exchange networks and receive a gratification upon attending your event – meaning you can buy with peace of mind.

For more information on this product visit the Buy Event Attendees FAQ section of our website or contact us if you have any questions for our award-winning support team!