FAQ: Facebook Status & Post Likes

How Does It Work?

Without giving too much away, we are fortunate enough to have built up valuable contacts in the web industry, allowing us to establish a very large and extensive network of Facebook developers and high-traffic websites including blogs, forums and big name websites. These marketing platforms or ‘channels’ allow us to deliver high quality Facebook Status/Post Likes to our customers across the globe, providing you with a reliable and dependable service.

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Who Are The Facebook Likes?

The Facebook Status/Post Likes we provide can be from the USA, UK, Russia, Asia, Australia or a combination of them all, you choose the target country! Due to the extensive network we have built up, the American, English, Russian, Asian and Australian Facebook Status/Post Likes that you can buy means we are the largest provider on the internet today. You don’t have to worry about the accounts ever un-liking or changing their mind either, the Like will always remain there.

What Are The Statistics?

Statistically, you should see a climb in sales by 8% for every 100 Status/Post Likes purchased, this research was carried out by our market research team in early 2013. We discovered that this marketing method is a sure and proven way to boost sales and improve publicity for your product or brand.. With LikeChimps help, we can help make your business bigger, better and more desirable all through the power of Facebook!

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Am I Breaking Any Rules?

The answer is NO! As a Facebook user and customer of LikeChimp, your are not violating any rules, laws, polices or Terms of Service relating to Facebook. LikeChimp strictly complies by Facebook’s Terms of Service – No rules are broken at any point so you can buy with peace of mind.

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