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Buy Facebook Event Attendees

Buy Facebook event attendees today and increase News Feed exposure by x5! Beat the algorithm and make sure everyone sees your event. Guarantee real clicks from real Facebook users for Going or Interested event attendees.

From promoters to DJ’s and nightclubs to festival organizers, they all buy Facebook event attendees to boost thier social media presence! Fed up of sluggish event attendees? Bored of slow ticket sales? Then buy Facebook event attendees today from LikeChimp.

LikeChimp has been doing this since 2010. We promise to deliver your Facebook event the social media authority it deserves. For more details please visit the about us page. Here’s what to expect when you buy Facebook event attendees:

  • x5 News Feed exposure
  • Better ticket sales
  • Real event attendees
  • Instant delivery

Buy Facebook Event Attendees

Buy Going or Interested Facebook Event Attendees today and we promise to deliver effective results for your social media campaign!

Facebook Event

Facebook Event Statistics

Over 2.27 billion people actively use Facebook every day. Getting noticed has never been harder.  In 2020 there were 38 million events which means there has never been so much competition!

Many event organisers underestimate the importance of Facebook events when it comes to social media marketing. Our research shows that buying Facebook event attendees has a direct impact on ticket sales. Below is the official data:

  • 35M people view a public event each day.
  • 490M people use Facebook Events each month.
  • 38M unique events in 2020.


Facebook Event Attendees Information

Can I Choose The Country?

Our authentic users come from all over the world. This means we are unable to market your event in one specific country. LikeChimp advertises your event on high traffic platforms which prompt users to click Going or Interested.

To target a specific country, we recommend using paid Facebook Ads because Facebook is the only company to offer this service. We can confirm that your event will be promoted in one of the following countries based on your IP address:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Australia

With the help of LikeChimp, you can adopt a tried and tested marketing strategy that will increase organic reach. More Facebook users will see your event in their News Feed which means bigger and better publicity for your event!

Buy Going/Interested Facebook Event Attendees

Facebook Event Strategy

Event organizers know the importance of making an event stand out, especially when there is so much competition. That’s why so many organizers use LikeChimp to grow thier event on Facebook. The more engagement a Facebook event receives, the better it will perform in the News Feed. Research shows that the more event attendees there is, the more people will trust an event. This can help increase ticket sales and is a proven social media marketing strategy!

LikeChimp ensure your Facebook event is seen by more users who actively interact and attend. Your Facebook event will appear in the News Feed more because the amount of users who click Going or Interested is a top-ranking factor. This social media marketing tool by LikeChimp allows event organizers to push their Facebook event to the limits!

The Theory Behind Facebook Event Attendees

Why do so many organisers buy Facebook event attendees? It’s simply herd behaviour.

Modern research has identified herd behaviour in humans which simply means “to follow a crowd or particular trend.” Gunawan and Huarng’s 2015 Study concluded that social influence is essential in changing consumer purchase intentions.

This same behaviour applies to Facebook events. If an event has a low number of Going attendees, it is unlikely other people will want to attend. If an event has a high number of Going attendees, people will trust the event more and buy more tickets!

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LikeChimp Event Support

Who Are The Facebook Event Attendees?

LikeChimp event attendees are real and authentic users. We are currently the largest online provider of Facebook event attendees. Many event organizers trust LikeChimp because of our reputation and quality service. Watch the popularity of your even grow almost immediately, once you buy event attendees from LikeChimp.

How Does It Work?

Buying Facebook event attendees increases the popularity and success of your event. Since launching, we have built a highly reputable network of Facebook marketers and high-traffic websites within the web and media sectors. These contacts allow us to deliver real Facebook event attendees to customers around the world!

Buying Facebook event attendees is easy. Simply select the type of user from Going or Interested and then choose the quantity you require.

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How Quick Is Delivery?

Delivery is lightning fast! LikeChimp will deliver your event attendees instantly within 24 hours. Our team of Facebook professionals work around the clock to deliver only the best Facebook event attendees for your social media campaign! If you have any questions about delivery you can speak to a member of our support team on the contact us page.

What Are The Facebook Event Statistics?

Our research shows that buying Facebook event attendees has a direct impact on ticket sales. This marketing method has been proven to help numerous event organizers boost  sales and increase the popularity of their event. With our help your event can be bigger, better and more desirable – all through the power of Facebook! We are the largest provider of Facebook event attendees online today with customers from all around the world.

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Am I Breaking Any Rules?

Buying Facebook event attendees does not violate any rules or policies relating to Facebook’s Terms of Service. We ensure no rules are broken when you purchase event attendees as LikeChimp complies with these Terms of Service. Purchase Facebook event attendees with peace of mind when you buy from LikeChimp.

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